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Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 5:17 PM

Didn't really know what to title this post so I just typed "BLANK SPOT" :). Anyway, currently watching Wowowee on ABS-CBN with my momma. All I hear are a bunch of pinoys yelling "pink, purple, silver!", because the contestant has to choose one. I haven't really been on this beast for a long time. I'll start off with saying this month wasn't the best month. I got the flu. No, I do not have swine flu -.-" I'm taking Tamiflu capsules and they seem to be working, only problem is my cough. Oh gosh, last week was the worst week of this year (I had worser days). My body was in pain (it was numb), I had a high fever, dizziness, cough, runny nose, headache, and ear infection. It just wasn't all that great :( . On a brighter note, Grad photos are soon to come! December 07 :P Yay. I'm going to get my nails and hair did, cause yenno important days right there! Speaking of days, hitting up the states soon with the family :) & Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas! Yay, these days are going to rock (no pun intended)! I'll start counting down the days after next week when I'm done getting my wisdom teeth remove :(


Friday, October 23, 2009, 6:31 PM
Always put in mind: Your no better than the man out living in the streets.

Right? It's all about equality. It's a shame how some people don't respect those who just want to be respected. So, what makes you really that better? Huh. Give the same treatment to those the same way you'd want to be treated. Don't just say you will, do it like you mean it.

This song always puts me in the mood, "Turn my swag on"- Keri Hilson :-). Hehe, Girls Domination! So I've been planning to buy a MAC's Rags To Riches DazzleGlass - the color is so amazing, it's like so fun, lmao. The price on the other hand is... expensive! Effing $21+, but I really like the color (I don't know why!). Also, I'm actually coming to a realization, because last week I started off with $20, later turned out $4 +coins. Why? Because of RichTree! The food is to die for, but the cost is too much. I absolutely crave the the Chicken Fajita - omg, yummy! I always get it whenever I go to CO-OP. But, it's like $6 something, gaaah. No wonder, my wallet feels light.
On a lighter note, Forever 21 soon time! Hopefully, I'm like begging my dad to make me again. The place is absolutely amazing - like I favor it! But my dad always complains saying he's always "stressed" whenever he's in that store with me :-D - hehe, I'm waay too much of a Daddy's Girl so I need him when shopping. One day when I reside in the Yonge area I'll apply there ;-). Also, I'm in need of buying combat boots with studs - like the ones in Aldo. But, then again I need winter boots -.-' & they are for two different seasons. I'm just afraid that if I buy the combat boots and wear it in winter my feet will have frostbites :-(. Oh no!

Monday, October 12, 2009, 7:01 AM
Eyebrow Threading

Went to go get my nasty, bushy eyebrows waxed. Me and my mom went to a beauty salon in Dundas, and just for my mom's amusement she immediately told the lady to give me a threading.

Lady: Hello, eyebrows?
*LOL*, this chick already knew why I came here..
Me: *smiles* Yes, I need a wa-
Mom: -Threading! For her.
Is you crazy, woman!?! I said waxing!

And girls, let me tell you this! Of course, it's cheaper, shit I got mine for freaking $3-$4 , BUT the pain is craaaaaazy. As she was threading my eyebrows I felt like I was dying! At that moment, I felt like the quote "Beauty is pain" really applied. The pain was so unbearble that I literally cried, lol one little tear drop from my eye. But after all that pain, my eyebrows looked decent (kudos to her). But don't get me wrong, I love my mom though! She's great. And just yesterday she reminded me of how cheap I was. lol, we were in Dixie & my mom wanted ice-cream (at that time I was working at No Frills so I was making money), I told her okay. I felt like an adult giving children candies, lol, my life is average. Anyway, I look at how much one scoop is & it was freaking $3, so I was like "oh heck no, so expensive for a scoop of icecream!" in the end my mom paid, and used that moment as an example of either how cheap I am or selfish for not sharing my money -.-' LOL, but she's funny though, *fob accent* "eben por ice-cream you not gib me... Ohh, now I know. Now, I neber porget.." Haha.

Thursday, October 1, 2009, 5:02 PM

It's coming up soon! Hehee. So excited! It's the only time of the year I can have an excuse to look like a total idiot and go knocking at people's door for free food. LOL! I remember two years back an asian lady gave me Instant Noodles, the best Halloween treat ever! Wish it was rice though, because we were running low at that time. This year I'm going as a dead high school student OR a hippie. By the way! Weather is so cold right now! Felt like winter out there, speaking of winter Christmas! ZOMG. My favorite holiday!!!!! :)))

4:55 PM
Happy belated 16th brother!

So my brother's 16th birthday was yesterday! I felt bad for him because we didn't do anything for his birthday, but my mom said we'll celebrate it over the weekends because parents are busy with work. So two weeks ago, finally went to Korean BBQ and was the best experience! It was for my nephew's christening and we went all the way to Richmond Hill or something? It was called Chako. Pretty cool place, it felt so mellow there. I love that place! I'm so definitely going to go back there. My mom was the most excited. lol, what was funny was when the waiter just gave us frozen seafood and we were all confused? But, my cousin was like 'oh, you have to make your own food', lol. It was fun watching my family enjoy themselves though. Anyway, today I threw a fit in front of my lolo and lola, wish I didn't though. I was just upset and it's all because of my dad. He finds that yelling out what we SHOULD do is the best way to get the message. Clearly, he's dumb because I could've gotten deaf because of his loud mouth! Ahh.

Monday, September 14, 2009, 5:37 PM
Anyway watch the VMAs?

Okay, so I didn't watch it all, but I saw like tons of clips about Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift. Ohmygosh, he always has to make a big deal out of everything - it's getting overrated and annoying. I like Taylor Swift! And good job to Beyonce, she's so nice : ).
Well, this was suppose to be for Sunday but ehen, kinda got delayed. But anyway, spent the night away crying with my lola :*( it was such a touching moment to just talk about life. I'm going to miss her though, because her and lolo are leaving to go back to the Philippines! Noooo! I wanted to go, but reality is I can't. My lolo was telling me about how they're going to live there forever. I really don't want them to go, I want them to stay with me. I care too much about them and I won't have anywhere to run to when I'm down. *sighs* They're leaving in a month. I just hope they arrive safely and take good care of themselves ♥ .. and I'll be seeing them, hopefully, when I turn 18 & go to the Philippines! : ) yay.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 6:02 PM
Really liking this French song!

SO. Yesterday, went to Eatons and I think it was Brazilian day because everyone was wearing yellow shirts with Brazilian on it; I swear it was labor day. Anyway, went into XXI Forever & heard this pretty trippy song. Yup, I added it on here : ) . Bought a sweater for like fucken $27.80 - going to return it though, it shows my belly when I raise my hands (soo unflattering). Kinda disappointed how the labor day sale was kinda over when I came - only had the left overs. Last week, was super lame: no internet, cable, or phone, and why? Because of fucken Rogers! They messed up everything in our household. SO, what else do you do when everything is down? Karaoke with the family, play the piano, etc. Yup, that's what my family did. I missed out on so much! Maham was celebrating her birthday, but I didn't attend because I didn't have internet. Ugh! I also missed out on Rachel's little birthday party : ( . Felt horrible. I was at a Christening during that day though, my brother is a godfather! Yay. After, it was family night with my family. Went to Playdium and went on go-karts, then bowling @ Planet Bowl (which I won, so proud of me). We were originally suppose to go to CNE, but it was far & late already when we left the christening.